in search for great lobit tracks for our first sampler / compilation

Friday, April 13th, 2012

4M@IL Records is in search for professional lobit music hero”s!
send your wonderful tunes in a gorgeous  bitrate,
to be featured on a fun loving compilation.
this all to celebrate a wonderful start of a new label, who releases direct in your mailbox!

send your track in a format of choice ( we also except midi tracks) & make sure the data size is as compact as possible.

genre: lobit

be aware that this release will be released by email, so try to keep the data file size as compact as possible.
we accept lobit ( in any format ) & midi files.

a good tip:
long tracks will be fine in 8 kbps
short tracks can be a bitrate higher perhaps.

deadline is: full is full!
so be quick and send your track before its too late!

send your work to lobit4mail @ with caption ‘sampler’ or ‘comp’


4M@IL Records

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Hello World!

Here we are, a new day, a new idea & a fresh concept!
Welcome at the official online home from the newest thing in town:

a high quality lobit label, releasing carefully selected adventurous interesting and enjoyable music direct into your virtual mailbox!

*-4M@IL RECORDS will only release worth while music!
We gathered a professional team of lobit  music experts
to make sure all the releases will be chosen unbiased and with great care.

*-4M@IL RECORDS releasing quality above quantity.
to make sure your mail box and speakers will not be packed with new stuff,
and to make sure each and every release will be cherished to bits with exclusivity, we will only release maximum 2 releases per month.

*-4M@IL RECORDS stands for diversity of music.
we are totally open for any kind of music, from psychedelic rock, pop, techno, drone, ambient, noise, idm, poetry, experimental etc..

*-4M@IL RECORDS is direct mail for lobit addictive freaks.
a perfect shot of happyness directly in your mailbox. 2 times per month christmas all over again! and above all 900% Free!!

-*4M@IL RECORDS is personal and promotes its releases through the world wide web.
we will also supply the album with  a little note and a smile.

send a (blank) mail to:
lobit4mail @
to receive 4M@IL RECORDS Releases!!!

Demo Policy
for sending demo’s please do send your complete work
to the same mailing adress. add the subject ‘demo’ .
Please make sure (whatever the genre) that your release is perfect, outstanding,  interesting quality lobit!
(we will contact u back if your work is selected to be released in +-3 weeks time, if not we ask you not too be angry but try it another time,
or sending to another great lobit label instead.)